2022 report

Fashion Transformation

The report series Fashion Transformation examines the transformation of the fashion industry driven by market challenges, the urgency of the climate crisis, consumer shifts and legislative initiatives.

The first edition of Fashion Transformation focuses on macroeconomic trends, consumer behaviour, the growing second hand market, the increase of circular business models, the fourth industrial revolution, the rise of digital fashion and Web 3, the importance of diversity, as well as what we might expect of the future. The different themes are presented and discussed both with measurable data and through selected interviews with key industry players representing different angles and perspectives.


Apart from the aspects listed above the report also discusses examples of legislation and policy initiatives aimed at supporting and accelerating the transformation of the industry.

The first edition of Fashion Transformation was first presented at Almedalen in July of 2022. Almedalen is an annual event gathering every high-ranking politician and business professional in Sweden.

"The shifts in behaviour take more time, but governments could support these by putting in more initiatives, sanctions or other ways to change the industry. That's the only way that things are really going to change quickly - and there is real urgency now."
Isobel Farmiloe, Strategy Director, Dazed Studio