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Who we are

SFC is an industry organisation that aims to guide the fashion industry into the future, establishing Sweden as the global leader of the industry’s new era.

Through our thought leadership, initiatives and the work with SFC [Incubator], SFC is one of the key players accelerating the transformation of the global fashion industry.

our vision

Shaping the future of fashion through promoting, educating and innovating the global fashion industry. 

What we do

Together with a strong community, SFC works to promote, educate, and innovate the fashion industry for it to become competitive, sustainable and relevant in our changing world.

Established in 1979, the core of the organisation’s work consists of leading research projects, providing industry reports and supporting the next generation of fashion leaders through its incubator program, SFC [Incubator].

SFC is owned by the Swedish Trade Federation. 


SFC aims to promote the fashion industry by creating a global and multidisciplinary community and platform that can be used to highlight the industry’s most interesting players representing the future of fashion.


SFC aims to educate the fashion industry by publishing reports presenting relevant, actionable data and industry insights. SFC is also part of initiating and supporting relevant research projects aiming to create a better understanding for the changing industry, the challenges at hand and the opportunities ahead.


SFC aims to innovate the fashion industry by supporting the most interesting young brands on the market through the SFC [Incubator]. The incubator combines creative excellence with sustainable business models and a disruptive vision which guarantees its participants to be positioned as the leaders of the new era of fashion. SFC is also driving innovation through a close relationship with Fashion Innovation Centre and participating in future focused research initiatives.

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SFC [Incubator]

The incubator focuses on emerging brands and creators with innovative business models combining creative excellence with innovative sustainable business models and a disruptive vision.

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