The aim of Swedish Fashion Council is to promote, strenghten, support and inspire fashion companies to become more competitive.
They have created the platform Swedish Fashion Talents that during the past years have focused more on business encouragement and other efforts such as concultancy, membership in Fashion Business Academy, coaching and seminars.
The value of participating in Swedish Fashion Talents this year corresponds to the value of 500 000 SEK, PR is not included.

"This year's selection is a strong group that stands out, with integrity, courage and sustainable strategies. They have what it takes to make themeselves heard and they will without no doubt make a mark at the fashion scene," says Sofia-Li Mohlin Chairman for the Swedish Fashion Talents Jury and Creative director at Swedish Fashion Council.

"New Fashion Brands with new ideas will help to shake up and develope the swedish fashion industry. The difficulties with new trademarks is that it could be hard to reach in to the market and be able to truly show yourself. There is a substantially need of Swedish Fashion Talents, we can see that as the amount of applications increases each year," says Erica Blomberg Project for Swedish Fashion Talents and Head of Marketing at Swedish Fashion Council.

This is what the winners themeselves says about their win:
"We feel honored and inspired to continue our work to be able to emphasize fashion with courage," says Anna Blmquist, K-ourage.

"'I'm looking forward to this year and it is an honor to take part of Swedish Fashion Talents. Thank you Swedish Fashion Council," says Per Götesson.

"It feels amazing! I'm really looking forwrard towards an eventful and educational year," says Andreas Danielsson, PRLE.

"2018 will be a good year for Rave Review and thanks to talents we will get to try and develop our concept on a professional level but also work within the right contexts," says Josephine Bergqvist

"By becoming a Swedish Fashion Talent, we are given the opportunity to become an even bigger part of the developement where companies and trademarks are moving towards and ideological awareness, that in turn will affect the society to the better - this make us happy and hopeful about the future," says Karin Andelius, Andelius Gribbe.

"I am very happy for this and looking forward to this exciting and educational year," says Sofia Holpp, Holpp

"It's incredibly fun to be selected as a Swedish Fashion Talent 2018 and to get the opportunity to keep growing and establish as a trademark," says Rebecca Björnsdotter.

New for this year is that Beates is announced as a sponsor for Swedish Fashion Talents. Beates create the new generation's e-commerce with support of virtual reality & augmented reality - implementations that will help designers, trademarks and stores to take the next step within e-commerce. During the year, the winners will get supported by Beates to build their e-commerce platforms.

"We are proud to take on this partnership with Swedish Fashion Council so that we together can keep pushing the fashion industry into the future", Daniel Sjöberg, Co-Founder & CSO at Baetes.

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Swedish Fashion Talents is a good-will project that is held and created by Swedish Fashion Council since 2005, in aim to show and emphasize new Swedish Fashion trademarks. The selection is based on clearity, uniquness, creative height, vision, product offers and design quality, contemporary relevance, level of fashion as well as business ideas and business level. Amongst earlier participants in Swedish Fashion Talents we find; Carin Wester, Minimarket, Bea Szenfeld, Ida Sjöstedt, Erik Bjerkesjö, Stutterheim, WWDE, altewai.saome, Ida Klamborn, House of Dagmar, Uniforms for the Dedicated and many more.



Margareta van den Bosch, H&M
Thomas Hägg, Thomas Hägg PR & Communication
Johan Magnusson, moderedaktör och skribent
Ulrika Nilsson, JUS
Robert Nordberg, frilansstylist och modechef Plaza Magazine
Kristian Rajnai, Aplace
Helena Waker, Agenturföretagen
Jonas Claesson, ATP ATELIER & Whyred
Juryns odförande: Sofia-Li Molin, Creative Director, Swedish Fashion Council