Three talents to drive Swedish fashion forward: Per Götesson, Rave Review and Rebecca Björnsdotter


On Monday afternoon Per Götesson and Rebecca Björnsdotter have been announced as winners of the Swedish Fashion Talents program together with Rave Review who receive the Changers Award. Along the celebration, Swedish Fashion Council revealed to update the strategy for the renowned Swedish Fashion Talent program.

The award for Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year and Swedish Fashion Talents Accessory are given to brands that demonstrate a high degree of creativity, vision, design quality, contemporary relevance and professionalism in their respective categories fashion or accessory. Members of the jury of Swedish Fashion Talents are Margareta van den Bosch, H&M, Thomas Hägg, Thomas Hägg PR & Communication, Johan Magnusson, fashion editor and writer, Sofia-Li Molin, Swedish Fashion Council, Ulrika Nilsson, JUS, Robert Nordberg, freelance stylist and fashion manager, Plaza Magazine, Kristian Rajnai, Aplace, Helena Waker, Association of Trade Partners Sweden, Jonas Claesson, Whyred and ATP ATELIER.

Per Götesson received the prestigious award of the category Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year 2018 with the jury´s following motivation:

”Per Götesson puts Swedish fashion on the international map. Praised by the industry for his powerful design, expressive silhouette and creative spirit, and is therefore assigned the Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year”.

Swedish Fashion Talent Accessory 2018 is assigned to Rebecca Björnsdotter with the jury’s following motivation:

”Her design attracts the Swedish royal family as well as international popstars. With admirable aesthetics, a clear message and highly relevant values her concept is of significant relevance. As a result, the Swedish Fashion Talent Accessory Award goes to Rebecca Björnsdotter”.

Changers Award is handed out by Swedish Fashion Council to brands effectively contributing to the development of the fashion industry. Awarded brands have the creative ability to challenge contemporary norms and conventions, to innovate, ”shake up” and vitalize the industry from within.

In 2018 Swedish Fashion Council Changers Award is given to Rave Review, with the motivation:

This visionary duo pave the way for changing the industry from inside out. Positioned as a newcomer brand with international recognition, they exemplify how re-design can be an innovative alternative for the future of the fashion industry.

Over more than a decade Swedish Fashion Talents has empowered Swedish emergent brands to get acknowledged in the fashion industry. The selected participants are characterized for their unique creativity, stunning designs and promising potential to drive the fashion industry forward, which is something that reflects this year´s participants. During spring 2019 a new strategy for the incubator program will be presented. As a first step in the new strategy, the Swedish Fashion Council extends the focus of the program by continuing to support the three selected brands to further strengthen their positioning in the industry.

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