Swedish Fashion Talents is a project that the Swedish Fashion Council has been managing since this project 2005 when it started. The aim we’re striving towards is to support new fashion brands with their growth to become recognized within the fashion market. The talent program is being implemented in every way, within different projects, networks and activities such as fashion shows and exhibitions.

Throughout the years, our work has contributed to help a variety of designers in their process of being recognized. Among past participants in the Swedish Fashion Talents are House of Dagmar, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Carin Wester, Minimarket, Dagmar, Bea Szenfeld, Ida Sjöstedt, Erik Bjerkesjö, Stutterheim, WWDE, Altewai.Saome, Ida Klamborn, Uniforms for the Dedicated and many more.

Applications for The Swedish Fashion Talents can be made annually if one has a fashion label specializing within womenswear, menswear and accessories. A renowned jury who value design, product, idea, concept, quality and business acumen makes the selection once a year.

Since 2011, the Swedish Fashion Council appointed a much larger, industry professional jury that reviews the applications and makes the choice of Swedish Fashion Talents. It has a broad expertise in the design, retail, sales, and public relations.

Project leader:
Erica Blomberg
+46 (0) 8 411 17 44 / +46 (0) 702 62 26 27
Erica(at) swedishfashioncouncil.se