BACK's Jennie Rosén is the new CEO for Sweden Fashion Council

Swedish Fashion Council is expecting a new CEO, as Jennie Rosén is taking over after Elin Frendberg that is leaving the position after three years. Jennie is the earlier co-owner and CEO at the swedish brand BACK.

"We are very happy to welcome Jennie Rosén as the new CEO for Swedish Fashion Council. Her strong capacity of leadership as well as her innovative thinking is good qualities that will not only develop but also benefit the entire industry. We are looking forward to hand over this position to Jennie Rosén that will start this new chapter together with us", says Mikael Sandström, Chairman for Swedish Fashion Council.

Jennie Rosén was recruited for her background of being a sharp and driven visionary. Her collaborations between design, tech and innovation has given an ecxiting result within the fashion industry. Her earlier position was as the former CEO and co-owner at the swedish fashion brand BACK. Additionally, she is also in the board for Association of Swedish Fashion Brands (ASFB).
By her side in this new role, she has got experience as production manager and buyer. With her, she also carries a strong and wide network within both the swedish and international fashion industry.

"Swedish Fashion Council has grown to a relevant and strong institution. The aim is to continue to develop Swedish Fashion Council and in the long run position swedish fashion as globally leading. I want to encourage the cooperation and increased engagement from companies and politicans to be able to create sustainable and innovative mergers between the different industries that leads to developement of existing actors and more interesting start-ups. I also want to keep carry on the important work with research, sustainability and fashion tech to the next level. Develop and encourage more design talents and take care of the history we have created, by strengthen the position of fashion within the art world," says Jennie Rosén, CEO, BACK.

"It is with great joy and confidence that I hand the CEO-role over to Jennie. She is a visonary and has a unique competence when it comes to leadership and not at least design. I am looking forward to follow her, leading the organisation but also follow her contribution to the future of swedish fashion," says Elin Frendberg, CEO at Swedish Fashion Council.

Elin Frendberg has accepted a new position within innovation and business developement for the H&M group that involves all companies within the concern globally.

"Elin's strong contribution when it comes to building fashion and fashion tech through research and innovation together with her great engagement around sustainability and talent developement have brought Swedsh Fashion Council to a entirely new extent, and for that we are very proud," says Mikael Sandström, Chairman for Swedish Fashion Council. 

Jennie Rosén takes up the position as CEO for Swedish Fashion Council in January 2018.

Poto: © Elisabeth Toll

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