Sustainability reports 2016

IVL - The critical aspects in design, from fiber to fiber, recycling of textiles

As a part of Mistra Future Fashion step 2, the Swedish Environmental Institute, has identified and confirmed aspects within the fiber-to-fiber recycling methods of textiles. The material has been collected through expert interviews with textile producers and companies who manage recycling of textiles. 

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Corporate Sustainability- A method for analyzing specific industries and their corporate sustainability work

The report explains that corporate sustainability is a part of making business successful. The drive behind productive sustainable business activities is the own commitment from the company. The obstacles for making sustainability work are the lack of company advantages the business get from the sustainability actions. The report describes a study, which was beneficial since it provided the businesses more knowledge over companies sustainability work. Additionally, the study showed that companies feel that there is a lack of support for their businesses, and the need for a more profound knowledge is required to develop their sustainability plan. The Swedish fashion industry has been a role model for other countries on how to implement and operate sustainability work. However, it is important to not just settle with this. As the authors said in the report: "Stand up and do not settle with the development so far- we can do better, a lot better"            

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Sustainability in the fashion industry- A pilot study

A analysis model created by tillväxtverket, to measure corporate sustainability, has been used on Swedish shoes and clothing companies. This report shows the result of the pilot study. The study also highlights information about the fashion industry's value-chain. The "green" perspective that has been used in this study comprehends the customers use of the product and its life-cycle. It has become more common that the sustainable perspective is included in the business fashion model and in the value-chain. 

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The consumers can influence- The companies have the power to make the change

This report is the fifth sustainability report from Svensk Handel. In October this year, the government launched a strategy for a more sustainable consumption. The problem is that the consumers can’t make active green choices , if they don’t have access to a wide range of sustainable products. The study does not only highlights the importance of sustainable products, but also the relevance of new business models and solutions that can be implemented in a more circular business. 

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