Borås, Gothenburg, Stockholm

This seminar is held in Swedish

Fashion & Inspiration is built upon the forcasting material that is brought together by Swedish Fashion Council's global research team that is leading within the Swedish Design Industry. The seminars highlights this season's most relevant trends, materials, colors, key- pieces & silhouettes. We also present how new business models, inovations and consumer beahviour have an impact on the fashion stage. The material is devided into 3 main themes that together defines the season.

The seminar is held by Elin Frendberg, CEO, Pauline Ström Gunnér, Head of Sustainable Business & Erica Blomberg, Head of Marketing at Swedish Fashion Council.

Tuesday 14th of November, Borås Textile Fashion Centre, Skaraborgsvägen 3C (local: Garfveriet)
13:00 Doors open (obs, 30 min before seminar starts)
13:30 Seminar starts, themes 1 & 2
14:40 Break with refreshments
15:00-15:30 Seminar continues, theme 3



Wednesday 15th of November, Göteborg Auktionsverket Kulturarena, Tredje Långgatan 9
13:00 Doors open (obs, 30 min before the seminar starts)
13:30 Seminar starts, themes 1 & 2
14:40 Break with refreshments
15:00 - 15:30 Seminar continues, theme 3

Friday 17th of November, Stockholm Meeting Room, Almströmergatan 20
08:30 Breakfast is served (obs, 30 min before the seminar starts)
09:00 Seminar starts, themes 1 & 2
10:10 Break with refreshments
10:30 - 11:00 seminar continues, theme 3

1600 kr exclu VAT
If you have questions you are welcome to call us at: +46 (0) 702 62 26 27
The registration is conclusive and has to be cancelled at least 2 weeks before the seminar.

Note: The seminar is held in Swedish.

About the presenters:

Elin Frendberg is CEO at Swedish Fashion Council. She is a business analyst and behaviourist with a niche within fashion and interior trends, consumer behaviour, digitalization and sustainability. Elin is a board member in one of the world's primary research platformswith a main focus on sustainable fashion, Mistra Future Fashion- Elin has started the world leading research platform within fashion tech together with The University of Stockholm and presents up to a hundred seminars and presentations about fashion, interior, sustainability and digitizing every year.

Pauline Ström Gunnér is Head of Sustainable Business at Swedish Fashion Council. She is educated within Political Economy and Environmental Science. She has worked both as a consultant and coach within CSR & sustainability. She has experience of environmental board systems and sustainability presentations according to both GRI and United Nation's sustainability aims. Pauline has worked within the fashion industry with lable construction, investment as well as store maneger.

Erica Blomberg is Head of Marketing at Swedish Fashion Council. Within the company she works with marketing communication, globalization projekts, digitalization and sustainability with a niche within digital communication strategy. Additionally, she is project leader for the program Swedish Fashion Talents which is one of Swedens biggest talent programs aimed for future fashion companies. Erica produces and leads projects such as; seminars, events and shows. Apart from this, she has a bachelor in Fashion Studies and educated within culture history and marketing with a niche in CSR, digitalisation & fashion. She has a previous experience from both the IT as well as fashion line of business.

Gotheburg and Stockholm


This seminar is held in English

Swedish Fashion Council and Sustainable Apparel Coalition invites you to a half day “From Soil to bin” seminar and workshop dedicated to The Higg Index.

The Higg Index is the core driver of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and is an assessment tool that empowers brands, retailers and facilities of all sizes at every stage in their sustainability journey.  It is built to measure the environmental, social and labor impacts throughout the value chain. In November 2017 the SAC will be launching the new Facilities Environment Module (FEM) 3.0 on the new platform.

During this half-day workshop we will listen to SAC’s Baptiste Carriere-Pradal (VP Europe) and Johan James van Breda (Member Manager EMEA) on the latest Higg Tools and developments, and to representatives from H&M as well as smaller companies, who will share their insights and experience of the Higg Index and how it enables them to manage and drive sustainability in their supply chain and operations.

Key insights
A full overview of the Higg Index & SAC ecosystem
How Higg is structured and why it matters
The new platform, the FEM module and all the module updates
How the Higg tools can help to drive our sustainability journey
Latest insights on the transparency roadmap: how and when Higg brand, factory and product performances will go public

Torsdag 30 november Göteborg Auktionsverket Kulturarena Tredje Långgatan 9
8.00 Doors open and breakfast is served
8.30 Seminar and presentations
9.30 Coffee brake
10.00- 12.00 Higg Workshop

Fredagen 1 december Stockholm Helio Works, Sveavägen 9 floor 2
8.00 Doors open and breakfast is served
8.30 Seminar and presentations
9.30 Coffee brake
10.00- 12.00 Higg Workshop

Price: 1300 SEK, SAC members 500 SEK (VAT not included)
RSVP before the 22th of November to: seminarium(at)
Registration is binding and must be cancelled before the 15th of November 2017

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