Swedish Fashion Council are managing several different projects to support and develop Swedish fashion and the Swedish fashion industry.

Ethical Charter
In order to develop an “Ethical Charter”, the different agents in the fashion business, such as Swedish Fashion Council, work together with branch organizations, model agencies, fashion brands and other representatives of the business. The “Ethical Charter” seeks to create fair conditions for models and to promote healthy body ideals.

Fashion Hackathon
Technique met fashion on April 16 when Swedish Fashion Council together with partners from the platform Digitizing Fashion arranged a Fashion Hackathon. The purpose with the project is to solve social or everyday problems through digital couture. During the two days that Fashion Hackathon took place, the fashion business in collaboration with the tech industry developed six prototypes of new forms of wearables. Participation brands: H&M, Lazoschmidl, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Naim Josefi, De Moy and Reschia.

A tvodd by Swedish Fashion Council in collaboration with Veckans Affärer.

Frontrow Forensics
A collaboration between Swedish Fashion Council, H&M, ASFB, Stockholm University, Stockholm Fashion District, Nacka kommun, Ericsson and SICS. The purpose is, with the help of video technique and digital analysis, to create a more sustainable and resource effective production process in the fashion business.

Swedish Fashion Talents
Created by Swedish Fashion Council in 2005 with the purpose to support new fashion brands in their establishment within the market. The talent program is carried out with the help of projects, networks and activities, for example fashion shows and exhibitions.