Season material

  • Trend and inspiration books such as Fashion, Inspiration, Interior — printed guides with digital complements
  • Frequently digital rapports from exhibitions, fashion weeks and trend updates 
  • Custom-made material for your business need, for example a specific season guide/product guide.

The material is produced twice a year and delivered in April-May for the autumn/winter and October-November for spring/summer. The material is also available in a digital version.  For on-going updates, complement with “Reports”


Seminaries and workshops

  • Season seminars with focus on fashion & inspiration and interior & lifestyle
  • Custom made lectures regarding business intelligence, norms and values, new consumption patterns, digitalization, sustainability and new business models
  • Inspirational lectures with international guest speakers
  • Workshops with sustainability focus



  • News letter
  • Fashion Business News
  • Fashionomics- vodd in collaboration with Veckans Affärer 

Advisory services and consultation

  • Business intelligence
  • Inspirational exhibitions
  • Consultation on behalf of the business/organizations need