The material "fashion" is a concrete and concentrated guide that exists around the fashion image. The guide is built upon few specific subjects with color maps that is devided into color hierarchies. It does also contains sillhouettes, attention pages, key pieces and pattern pages. Everything so that the material could be used as a concrete tool box for you to identify, sort and prioritize among trends, colors and sillhouettes within your creative and commercial work. The guide´s area of use is wide and can be used in different stages within commercial and creative operation. From idéa to production and in the end sales and marketing.


In our global world everything is contected and interacting. Influences and trends is collected from all over the world. The material "Inspiration" constitutes the inclusive trends within our environment, additionally, references towards both fashion, food, interior design and lifestyle as consumer goods. The guide will help you to navigate and prioritize the fast trends of the environment to be able to get a good understanding of our generation and its developement thereof. The guide is devided into different themes with clear color maps to respective part.

Delivery of guide in week 20