The ceremony took place during the Thursday morning and there were three categories that was awarded in this year's Swedish Fashion Talent

Swedish Fashion Council gives out the award for Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year for the 12th year in a row. For the second year in a row, the awards for Swedish Fashion Talents Accesory Award and Swedish Fashion Council Changer Award given out. 

The prize Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year and Swedish Fashion Talents Accessory Award is given to the brands that shows a high level of clarity, uniqeness, creative height, vision, product offer, design quality, contemporary relevance, fashion, business idea and general professionalism in their respective two categories: fashion an accessory.

This year the jury have given the Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year 2017 to Johannes Adele with the justification:
A Fashion Brand that has a strong mindset when it comes to collection and ethical production, where fashion in a contemporary creation and identity is put in focus. More sharpness and communication from underground that lifts the coolness towards the surface without losing portability.

As the reciever of Swedish Fashion Talent of the year, johannes Adele obtained 25000 SEK from Swedish Trade and 10 000 from Digaloo, and legal guidence with value of 10 000 SEK from MAQS law firm.

In the category  Swedish Fashion Talent Accessory, the jury gives the prize to KSV Jewellery with the following motivation:
A jewellery brand that explores the atelié work but also high technological innovation. The result is signature pieces in strong design that adds personlity to not only privat costumers but also larger.

KSV Jewellery is obtained with legal guidence with a value of 10 000 SEK from MAQS law firm.

Swedish Fashion Council Changer Award is given the brand that has contributed to the industry developement through a special ability to innovate, shake and supply new force in to the industry. This could regard a strong creative ability to challange the contemporary conventions and norms.

Swedish Fashion Council is this year giving this prize to AMA AWE with the reason:
The new multi creative entrepeneur of our time, with focus on sustainability and performance within slow fashion. An artistic soul that works cross-border within both product segment, sales, conceptual vision and collaboration.

For the award, AMA AWE obtained 10 000 SEK as well as five hours of legal guidence that correspond 15 000 SEK from Swedish Fashion Council. In 7 years

All of the 7 winners of Swedish Fashion Talents 2017 have won a year within the program. This correspond a value of 300 000 SEK. Besides this, every participant recieved a one-year-mempership at Association of Trade Partners Sweden.



Swedish Fashion Talents is a talent program that has been driven by Swedish Fashion Council for 12 years in aim to encourage and support new brands on the market. This year, 7 brands participated in the program, AMA AWE, Baumgarten di Marco, Bow Lable, Daily Routine, KSV Jewellery, Johannes Adele and Naemi Gustafsson. Amongst earlier participants we find designers such as; Lazoschmidl, Emelie Jarnell, House of Dagmar, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Stutterheim, Carin Wester, Ida Sjöstedt and Bea Szenfeldt.

During 2017,  there has been a large focus on developing the business part of the program. Together with Association of Trade Partnes Sweden, Swedish Fashion Council have instituted Fashion Business Academy that is a educational and business aimed platform, Together with Fashion Business Academy, a consulations bank where the participant for Swedish Fashion Talents was offered personal consulation with well established profiles from the industry. Swedish Fashion Talents have also expanded with an advisory board that is aimed to contribute to the developement of the program. The members of the board are the following; Cia Jansson (ELLE), Emma Ohlson (ASFB), Maria Sandow (Swedish Trade Style), Peter Andersson (PAP Stdios) but also Philip Wikander (Dr within Fashion Science at Lund's University). PAP Studios have also stept in as a partner for the production shows.


This years jury constitutes of Ulrika Nilsson, Robert Nordberg, Margareta van den Bosch, Jonas Claesson, Helena Waker, Thomas Hägg, Kristian Rajnai, Johan Magnusson and the jury chairman.