A selection of books! Find more information and how to order in the links below.

Prognoser 1980-2010
Swedish Fashion Councils’ book ”Prognoser 1980-2010” illustrates a 30-year span of fashion history with archival material from Swedish Fashion Council's trend material. The book is filled with lovely sketches from some of Sweden’s best illustrators as well as interviews with Swedish fashion designers that have influenced the spirit of the times. The material is filled with a unique set of sketches, pictures and fashion memories. Published: 2009-09-01, revised 2010. Order through Swedish Fashion Council. 


In this multidisciplinary book, fashion is presented as a global phenomenon but at the same time something individual. While focusing on the Human Being we can understand a much broader perspective on knowledge. Published: 2011-05. More info: VidaEconómica.

In Emma Wickström’s new book, fashion and food come together. By gathering the fashion elite and some of Sweden’s best chefs, Wickström creates a trendy, elegant, book with healthy and exiting recipes. Nicotext

In Ebba von Sydow and Emelie de Poret’s new book, strongly influenced by Swedish and Nordic style, you will find beautiful pictures, step by step guides and smart tips, for example how to improve your figure. Furthermore, you will learn how to avoid bad buys, how to shop smarter and invest in garments that will have good quality and last through trends. Published: 2015 - 09 More info: Bonnier Fakta

Stiljournalen: allt om klassisk herrstil
Stiljournalen is a style guide for the modern man through a historic and practical perspective. It offers an inspiring and guiding read. Published: 2015-08 More info: Nordstedts

Välklädd: så stylar du din garderob
Välklädd is the book for all fashion- and style interested men. Although Välklädd is more than stylish clothes, it is about fit, colour, patterns and quality and to dare to be bold and mix and match to find your personal style. Published: 2015-08 Author: Christian Quaglia
More info: Bonnier Fakta

Fashion specialist Lotta Lewenhaupt’s stylebook is an easy going, fully packed and precise guide and rulebook The book is also filled with quick and wise quotes by famous fashion personalities and it is illustrated by Lotta Lewenhaupts own drawings. Published: 2015 More info: bladh by Bladh

Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography
Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography is a newer seen before visual history of the company. This exceptional book contain over 200 pictures from our times most important photographers and designers, for example David Bailey, Henry Clarke, Patrick Demarchelier and Karl Lagerfeld. The book's elegant mix create a unique and exciting expression for the brand and its interpretation of top stylists and fashion editors. The book is an absolute necessity for the fashion, art and photography lover. 
Published: 2014 More info:  Rizzoli International Publications

Fashion and Museums – Theory and Practice
The ethnologists Marie Riegels Melchior and Birgitta Svensson have created an anthology with texts about why fashion is so popular in museums worldwide. Researchers from the Nordic, Europe, USA and Canada contributed. Publiched: 2014-08-14. More info:  Bloomsbury Academic

True Fit - a collected history of denim
A book about the history of denim.  Some of the garments shown in the book have not seen the daylight in close to 140 years. Viktor Fredbäck, denim-collector and author of the book have created True Fit, a story about collecting. Published: 2014-11-01. More info: Graphera Publishing

The World According to Karl: The Wit and Wisdom of Karl Lagerfeld
This book is about one of our times greatest designers and his Karlisms: cultivating, unpredictable, provoking, sometimes chocking but always impossible to ignore. Karl Lagerfeld is a modern master of couture. Simultaneously as he is designing for Chanel and Fendi, he runs his own self-titled fashion house. He has consistently reinvented trends on the catwalk and the streets for half a century. Published: 2013 Author: Jean-Christophe Napias, Sandrine Gulbenkian, Charles Ameline
More info:  Flammarion-Pere Caster

Modebibeln - den svenska
Modebibeln is a book about Swedish fashion and trends from 1867-2012. An absolute must in every fashion interested home! 
Author: Karina Ericsson Wärn
Published: 2012-09. More info: Bonnier Fakta

Stil med Thulin
Camilla Thulin gives advise and tips on how to find clothes that highlight you best. The tips are about how you find the right assessors, shoes, outerwear, underwear, haircuts and make up. Published: 2012-02. More info: Bonnier Fakta

Det svenska modeundret
In Det svenska modeundret journalist and fashion expert Karin Falk writes about the Swedish fashion scene. We meet the designers that have concurred the international market and in resent years been called “The Swedish fashion wonder” Author: Fashion journalist Karin Falk.
Published: 2011-08. More info: Norstedts

Journalist Sofia Hedström and photographer Anna Schori present a new way of thinking about fashion. The first part is a manifest regarding the gravity behind the fashion industry but at the same time teaches you how to create your own style with the clothes you already have. Published: 2011-03. More info: Norstedts

Obsession: en modefamiljs bekännelser
Martina Bonnier’s fashion book is a personal story with facts about fashion and beautiful pictures by Nils Odier. The book contains fashion inspiration and advice on how to build a style that will last a lifetime. Published: 2011-08. More info: Bonnier Fakta

Vogue' Model - The faces of Fashion
En photographic history of the worlds most beautifyl and iconic women- The women who have covered Vogue – from then to now.
Published: 2010 Author: Robin Derrick
More info: Little Brown and Company

Big Book Of Fashion
This book is devoted to the fashion worlds development, from its origin in the late nineteenth century to contemporary times. The Fashion Book is a filled with illustrations and is a voluminous fashion book. Author: Fashion journalist Charlotte Seeling
Published: 2010-10. More info: Ullmann Publishing

An inspirational book with practical advices for everyone that works or have dreams of working with window display. The book is divided into chapters addressing basic principles for a display window to ideas on props, mannequins and communication. To be found is also an outline if holidays, both Swedish and international, for example the Chinese new year that takes place in January- February. Author: Annica Bergman. 
Published: januari 2010. To order: