“The Future of Denim” highlighted the challenges and current possibilities of making the denim-industry more sustainable. ISKO™ is the only denim mill in the world to be honoured with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate and from now on consumers can buy eco-certified jeans.


Denim is a big industry and the turnover for swedish jeans is bigger than for the whole industry of pants together according to the Swedish Trade Federation. Still there are big challenges when it comes to sustainability and consumption. 

-  We cannot wait for evolution to appear, we must take ownership over the responsible innovation in the denim industry, and the fact the we gathered the denim industry around the challenges that we face together is a first and important step toward change.  Next step is to educate the consumers about the new innovations presented” says Elin Frendberg, CEO Swedish Fashion Council. 

At “The Future of Denim” topics such as denim wash, stretch and future consumption were discussed with a focus on technical innovations. Today’s denim consumer demands information about garment purchased, and also, denim companies are increasingly taking more and more responsibility in achieving Circular Economy and responsible products. 

During the innovation day ISKO™ unveiled six articles from the ISKO™ EARTH FIT collection that received the prestigious Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate recently.

Keynote speakers were, Denim expert Adriano Goldschmied, Mike Schragger, Founder of Sustainable Fashion Academy and Kutay Saritosun & Ebru Ozkucuk Guler, ISKO Corporate Social Responsibility and Anita Winsnes, Managing Director, Nordic Swan Ecolabel.