Swedish fashion, which is currently the fastest growing export industry, recognized by Vinnova an gets a grant of SEK 2 million. The project, called "Frontrow Forensics" is a collaboration between Swedish Fashion Council, H&M, ASFB, Stockholm University, Stockholm Fashion District, Nacka, Ericsson and SICS. The aim is to create a more sustainable and resource-efficient production in the fashion industry with the help of video technology and digital analysis.

- Swedish fashion today has a "sell-through factor" of 65% which means that 35% are not sold at full price. There is a great potential in using digital technology to create a more needs-based and responsible production by capturing customer preferences at an early stage, says Elin Frendberg, CEO of Swedish Fashion Council, which together with Oskar Juhlin at Stockholm University is the initiator of the innovation project