In our globalized world everything is connected and interacts. Influences and tendencies are gathered from all over the world. The material in “Inspiration” contain the overall tendencies in our surrounding world with references to fashion, food, decoration and lifestyle, as well as new consumption patterns. The guide helps you navigate and prioritize the world's ever changing tendencies and creates an understanding of the present and its evolution. The guide is divided into three different themes with clear colour charts complementing every theme.

SPRING/SUMMER 20 - Current season

New season - new design. We are very happy to launch our guide in a new and exciting format! Every book cover is inspired by the theme of the season, which this year represents Space is the Place and Material World. Instead of three concepts, we are now focusing more deeply on two themes. Similar to earlier editions the Inspiration Guide provides directions in areas such as design, art, style, food, culture and creative concepts. Enjoy!

As the basis for this season we asked ourselves: How do we survive? Yes, it is a big question, but we are facing environmental issues, mental illnesses and a world in which we seek more communication and insights. Meanwhile, we are still more distanced from a physical community. This reality means that we need to address these issues now, so we
turn to subcultures and emerging movements for inspiration on building inclusiveness. We can discern the pursuit of perfection alongside a new generation that reveres imperfection and transparency coupled with a strong DIY movement.
Welcome to a season of futuristic changes.

Generation Next has taken charge of the season’s most in uential tendencies and they are breaking up with consumer patterns that have stayed static for too long.

We embrace a new season led with mobility and af nity, where claimed borders are being explored and revalued. Nomads of this era move freely over expances and in cities, as we delve into their evolving urban neighbourhoods. Here, concepts of age and time ow differently, and we are drawn to the crossroads where adult, more xed standpoints meet youth culture’s naïve freedom. With multiple perspectives, everything is in motion.

This spring and summer season is characterized by nostalgia, memories and the return of the senses. To remember the past, to use what was already given and take a leap into the future. In MIND TRAVEL we look to nostalgia and memories, which we sample, map and style in an effort to create new modern design expressions. Herbaria, fading flowers, scents, mirrors and crystals are symbols for a perishable fragility.

Single copies of the guide can be ordered, or it can be ordered as a seasonal subscription. It is included in Deluxe Fashion and Deluxe Interior, and also as an option in Lifestyle together with the reports. In addition, a digital login is included in the subscription where you can find all the materials. Delivery in April/May for Autumn/Winter and October/November for Spring/Summer.

DELUXE Fashion/Interior: 9 500 SEK/season
Contains Inspiration guide, value 9 000 SEK, Fashion or Interior guide, value 7 000 SEK, and our Reports with business intelligence from fairs and exhibitions. Ca 15-20 st /season, (value 3 500 SEK).

BASIC Fashion, Lifestyle & Interior: 7 000 SEK/season
Contains Inspiration guide, value 9 000 SEK, our Reports that include everything from updates on fashion weeks, lifestyle and interior, exhibitions, and fairs, to art and culture events. Ca 15-20 st /season (value 3 500 SEK).

MINI Interior: 6 500 SEK/season
Contains: Interior guide printed form inkl. interior color chart. 

Single copies: 9 000 SEK

For frequent updates we recommend: Reports

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