Swedish Fashion Council and Microsoft have a common goal to establish Stockholm as the leader within FashionTech. The technique and fashion world meet up under the terms Geek meets Chic and gave each other insights of their challenges and facilities. Several different ideas developed with different approaches from the fashion companies. The work of taking these ideas to the market continues. Additionally, the close cooperation between fashion is about to be more emphasized. 

FashionTech is the word that blooms within the fashion industry today. It can be about new types of material, smart textiles or brand new services. Teqhnique as senosors, artificial intelligence and big data that is the centre within ideation and the aim does often contain the focus areas of sustainability and personal costum service regarding the fashion industry.

- FashionTech has a humongous potential and the clothes that we see in the future will adapt many functions that today is adapted by our smartphones. Wearable technique is primary focused on biometric data that measures physical presentations. However, there are many more ideas and solutions than that.  We have seen a big interest towards FashionTech at the different fashion institues. Therefore, we have created the platform Digitizing Fashion where this type of hackathons is the central part of the whole work, says Elin Frendberg, CEO for Swedish Fashion Council.

The start of the cooperation between Microsoft and Swedish Fashion Council took place at Microsoft's head office in Stockholm, Friday the 2nd of June, this was in form of a FashionTech-Hackathon. Together with representatives from H&M, House of Dagmar, Houdini and Reschia, new FashionTech- ideas were brought up.

- Sweden is a country that is widely known within the fashion industry and we also have one of the World's most growing tech- startup scenes. With Swedish Fashion Council's network of that is constitued of Swedish fashion creators together with Microsoft's techniqal expertise and wide network constituted of Swedish startups, we have all the potential to be the leading country that will push FashionTech forward, says Johanna Snickars, Head of Communication at Microsoft.