Press release, July 1st, 2019


Swedish Fashion Council, the organization supporting the Swedish Fashion Industry, cancels Stockholm Fashion Week to create a market relevant format that better matches the industry’s needs in the ongoing paradigm shift. The bi-annual event was scheduled to take place 27th to 29th of August.

“Stepping away from the conventional Fashion Week model has been a difficult, but much considered decision.” says Jennie Rosén, CEO at Swedish Fashion Council, and continues: “We need to put the past to rest and stimulate the development of a platform that is relevant for today’s fashion industry. The Fashion Week format has been discussed extensively within the industry over the past years. Now it is time to make a difference, if we are to maintain Swedish fashions’ strong position and to accelerate on its great success. Swedish Fashion Council will focus on crea- ting tools and platforms in order to support and prepare the industry for the future.”

If the fashion industry is to survive with the planet, we must oversee volumes and develop new business models.

The onging paradigm shift, driven by digitization, creates enormous challenges for the fashion industry that require urgent attention. If the fashion industry is to survive with the planet, we must oversee volumes and develop new business models. To progress the transformation, the fashion industry requires market-relevant branding formats that generate new revenue streams, and innovation for sustainable development through cross-sector collaborations. Swedish Fashion Council therefore takes a strategic turn and puts all efforts into facilitating this transformation and the development of the fashion industry into a new era.

In 2018 Swedish Fashion Council revealed the CTF AWARD for emerging designers, the result of an unexpected collabora- tion with the forest industry and related fabric producers, initiated by main partner Ekman & Co. The award was the first one to focus on the entire supply chain, from raw material to design, in the context of sustainable development.

Most recently Swedish Fashion Council initiated the Fashion Innovation Center. The independent accelerator supports Swedish and international fashion brands to innovate and digitize their business model and infrastructure. Futhermore, knowledge-based courses have been set up globally with leading fashion universities including London College of Fashion, Fashion Institute of Technology, Institut Francais de la Mode and the Swedish School of Textiles, to prepare the next generation of fashion professionals.

The Swedish Fashion Industry has a turnover of more than SEK 320 billion and is on par with other basic industries in Sweden. During the past seven years, the industry has grown with over 60%, and the export has increased with almost 90%. On top of that, Swedish brands show great presence internationally. Last week during Paris Fashion Week, Acne, Our Legacy, Namachecko, Lazlo Smidl and Eytys showcased their new collections successfully.

“The Swedish Fashion Industry is extensive and growing so it is crucial to support brands in their development of next- generation fashion experiences. By doing this we can adapt to new demands, reach sustainability goals, and be able to set new standards for fashion.” says Jennie Rosén.

In autumn 2019 Swedish Fashion Council will present the full scope of the new strategy and the reorganization. They will also relaunch the renowned Fashion Talents incubator program.

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1 Nielsén, Tobias & Sternö Joakim ”Modebranschen i Sverige – statistik och analys 2018”

Photo: Josefine Laul
Brand: Lazoschmidl