This report is a cooperation project between a group of Swedish textile and fashion organisations. The initiative comes from The Swedish Fashion Council and Association of Swedish Fashion Brands. The study has been conducted by the research-based consultancy Volante Research.

The report provides a brief summary of:

Total sales for 2017 for the domestic market and the export market (including and excluding the six largest fashion chains).

Employment, including gender distribution in general and on the executive and board level.

The fashion market’s value chain, i.e. how the various stages are linked together: fashion designers, producers, suppliers and retailers.


Total sales for the Swedish fashion industry were SEK 326 billion in 2017. This was a 4.6 percent increase on the previous year. 68 percent, SEK 221 billion, consists of exports and 32 percent, SEK 105 billion, was earned on the domestic market. Exports have increased by 5.8 percent and the domestic market has increased by 2.1 percent.

The greatest share of sales is generated in the retail and wholesale trades.

Behind the reports are eleven organizations: Association of Trade Partners, ASFB, the Confederation of Swedish Fashion, Fashion Stores, Fashion Incubator in Boras, Proteko, Swedish Form, the Swedish Trade Federation, TEKO, Swedish Textile and Fashion Enterprises, the Swedish Fashion Council and Textiles.

Download the reports here ( the reports are in Swedish):

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