This is the fourth year that statistics for the Swedish fashion industry's revenue and exports are compiled. The fourth report in the order of compiling the 2014 numbers in a follow-up report: "The fashion industry in Sweden - Statistics and Analysis 2015 Update."

In the report we can read that the fashion industry, even though it is very competitive, has taken another leap in growth. Turnover was 264 billion SEK in 2014. This represents an increase of 11.4 percent compared with the previous year. 65 percent of sales, 173 billion SEK, are represented by exports and 35 per cent, 91 billion SEK, are sales in the Swedish market. The largest proportion of turnover were generated within retail trade, wholesale and wholesale trade.

In 2014, the Swedish fashion branch was the single fastest growing export industry, which grew by 17.3%.This is more than three times as much as the total Swedish exports during the same year. In the last four years, exports have grown by nearly 40%, and if you remove H & M and the big chains, the less design-driven fashion companies' exports have increased by 57%.

Out of the 56 000 people in the fashion industry, there are more than 3/4 of women, and the proportion of female CEO's is almost twice as large as the economy as a whole.

Behind the reports are eleven organizations: Association of Agents, ASFB, the Confederation of Swedish Fashion, Fashion Stores, Fashion Incubator in Boras, Proteko, Swedish Form, the Swedish Trade Federation, TEKO, Swedish Textile and Fashion Enterprises, the Swedish Fashion Council and Textiles.

Download the reports here ( the reports are in Swedish):

(2015) Modebranschen i Sverige – statistik och analys 2015 uppdatering november

(2015) Modebranschen i Sverige: statistik & analys
 Focus on exports 

(2014) Modebranschen i Sverige: statistik & analys
Focus on branch structure

(2013) Modebranschen i Sverige: statistik och analys
 Focus on profitability