“Fashion” is a concrete and concentrated guide about the fashion scene. The guide is based on a few specific themes with colour charts divided in to colour hierarchies. It also contains silhouettes, attention pages, important key garments and patterns in order to work as a detailed tool box, so you are able to identify, sort and prioritize tendencies, colours and silhouettes in your creative work and business decisions. The guide can be used in a wide variety of areas; it can be helpful in different stages of commercial and creative business, from idea to production and in sale as well as marketing. 

The colour harmonies that are thematic include a separate Pantone colour chart. 

The material is seasonal and can be accessed if you log in to our web page with a personal user name.

The guide is produced twice a year and delivered in April-May for autumn/winter and October-November for spring/summer. It is available as single copies or as a seasonal subscription. It is included in Basic Fashion together with reports, and in Deluxe Fashion which also includes reports and the Inspiration guide.

Texts are available both in Swedish and English.

Price 5 700 SEK/season

For current updates we recommend:  Reports


Erica Blomberg, Marketing Coordinator
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