A modern and warming top seller that could be found in most fashion stores. This years Christmas gift is the Faux Fur.

The fashion gift of this year is announced for the 10th year in a row and the Faux Fur is the item that takes home the price this time.  The Faux Fur has  reached the sales record during 2017 and there is many reasons why.

- The Faux Fur is a top seller that has attracted many costumers to the stores this year. The Faux Fur is warming and at the same time affordable, sustainable and not at least stylish, timeless and fashionable, says Maria Sandow, Registrar at Svensk Handel.

Swedish Fashion Council's CEO Elin Frendberg is part of the group that is in charge of the research when the fashion gift of the year is about to be announced. This is how she motivate the elected item:

- Faux Fur has during a short time become an important part within the winter warderobe and it will keep dominate the fashion world the upcoming years. With playful variation of colours and forms will leave a large space for expressive statements and personal style that is influential when it comes to the fashion world at this time, says Elin Frendberg.

Fashion Christmas Gift of the year is designated by Svensk Handel and Swedish Fashion Council:
Earlier gifts has been:

2008 - The Pyjamas
2009 - The Scarf
2010 - The Shirt
2011 - The Sweater
2012 - The Galosh
2013 - The lightweight Jacket
2014 - The Hat
2015 - The Poncho
2016 - The Bomber Jacket
2017 - The Faux Fur

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Elin Frendberg, CEO Swedish Fashion Council,
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Svensk Handels pressjour,
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Svensk Handel's press service,
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