Here you can find a selection of feedback from some of our clients and guests that have attended our seminars. Thank you all for the feedback!


“I was filled with energy and a strong desire to share the information that I had gained with my partners and colleagues”
— Lisa Smed Country, Manager Norwegian, House Doctor, Nicolas Vahé, Kreafunk & Meraki


“To listen to SFC's business intelligence and social phenomenas was both inspiring and educating. To gain understanding of what effects human behaviour, and with that also our business and organisation is extremely valuable.”
 — Lena Claesson, Design & Category Director, Peak Performance


“A thoughtful seminar about how you, through knowledge about how we live today, can increase service and sales to a new level. Inspiring!”
— Helene Carlsson, CEO, Grandpa


“Elin Frendberg delivers her analysis spot on and with an understanding for the whole picture in a way only the genuinely experienced do." 
— Nina Stark, Head of Design, Lindex


“Many thanks for the film and music tips, as well as recommendations of exhibits! Also, thanks for a very inspiring lecture.”
—Britta Palmqvist Hugosson, Head of products, Liljeholmens Stearinfabriks AB


“Elin Frendberg spell bounded the whole group with her insights about future trends on the fashion market – something that is extremely relevant in Dunis design as well as choice of materials.”
—Tina Andersson, Director Corporate Marketing & Communications, Duni


“The collaboration with Swedish Fashion Council is very important and rewarding, both for us as arrangers, and for our exhibitors and visitors”
 — Åsa Axelson, Project leader, Precious, Stockholm Nordic Watch & Jewellery Fair