The Swedish and Kenyan forum called #Creativenations took place in Nairobi for two days in November. During these days, creative people and experts from both Kenya and Sweden met and exchanged thoughts and ideas about four main topics. These four main topics were: fashion/tech, sustainable lifestyle, storytelling and creativity around urban spaces. The forum wanted to highlight how important the creative sector is for the economic growth. A flourishing creative sector is very important for the growth of the national economy, but in addition, it brings highly positive non-monetary values as well. A prosperous creative sector is dependent on a functional government, non-profit organisations, private and public actors, but also on other professionals within the creative area who collaborate together. 

The main aim for the forum is to create stronger connections between Kenya and Sweden, but also to explore new markets and possibilities within trade. The forum is organized by the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi, together with the Kenyan Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts. 

"The Fashion Show Cocktail" took place during the forum and the topic was "Innovation for the Cultural and Creative sector" with a focus on Fashion Tech. Sunny Dolat, who is the project Manager for Fashion, The Nest in Kenya, had a key role in planning the fashion event. Other participants were Elin Frendberg, CEO of Swedish Fashion Council, and Oskar Juhlin, professor in the Department of Computer and System Sciences at Stockholms University and founder of the Mobile Life. The forum was made possible thanks to the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy, together with creative forces from both Sweden and Kenya.

The Fashion Show took place in Nairobi's National Museum, the 9th of November, and the brands that participated were; Filippa K, Stylein, F.A.S., Lazoschmidl, Julia Falkhorn och Ella Boucht, among others. The show represented three key themes, which were minimalism, no gender/unisex and construction. One of the highlights was the Finish designer Ella Boucht's creation which was an oversized pink puffa coat, which has recently been seen on Rihanna. The show was a real success and was met by standing ovations. In the future, we hope for a strong creative collaboration between the countries and a continuing flourishing creative sector. 


 Elin Frendberg and Sunny Dolat  Photo:

Elin Frendberg and Sunny Dolat


  The Kenyan model Anjali Laura in Ella Boucht's creation    Photo: S

The Kenyan model Anjali Laura in Ella Boucht's creation